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About Film Festival

The SFFF wants to promote the values of sport & spirit of Olympics (respect for rules, fair play, overcoming limits, team play, etc.) through the best films by upcoming talent and are focused on sports. The “SFFF promotes the diffusion of sport films that, in different ways, contribute to the development of artistic and cultural trends in the cinema business. The goal is to promote the best quality in sports films; to stimulate, thanks to the mass media and the partnership with schools and universities, the interest in sport and cinema, fostering didactic-cultural meetings. The 1stSFFF will be held online from May 10, 2018 to May 26, 2018. The SFF ends with the awards ceremony (Grand Gala). During the Grand Gala the prize named “Golden Lightning” will be assigned to the best films in competition; the FC can assign some special “Golden Lightning” to the most important figures of the year in sport and sports journalism.

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Terms & Conditions


All films produced between 2015 and 2018 with sport as main topic can participate to the SFFF. Films that have already participated in the SFFF are excluded.


Since India is a cricket crazy nation and there is an amazing following of the shortest format of the game i.e. T20. So the theme for the festival is Cricket


The registration is active between the April 7, 2018 and May 15, 2018. Within this date, productions have to fill the form online published in the SFFF official website ( or the Mobile App of the same name.
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